Florian Eckerstorfer

Florian Eckerstorfer

Florian Eckerstorfer studies Software Engineering & Internet Computing and Innovation and works as Web Developer in Vienna. Web Adventures is his private weblog about technology, usability, startups, music, films, TV shows and other stuff.

3 thoughts on “Florian Eckerstorfer

  1. Florian, thank you very very much for your explanation on your website “http://webadventures.at/tag/hp/” that helped me to install my HP Color Laser Jet 1600 on OS X 10.8. It really worked!!! Thanks a lot – you helped me save money and time!
    Kind regards, Stefan

  2. Hi,
    Could you help me with the HP LasetJet CP1215 installation?
    please email me if you need details…
    thank you !

  3. Any chance you’ve tried the HP Color LaserJet instructions on OS X 10.9 Maverick yet? I’d love to know if it works before I upgrade.

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