Koding is a Cloud-based Development Environment


Koding provides a cloud-based development environment (via UARRR). It is currently in private beta and I hadn’t had a chance to try it out, but I’m thinking a lot about moving my development environment into the cloud.

However, I do not mean to move the actual editing part to the cloud, but rather I want to store my code on a server, which also runs my development server. The server is, of course, private and only I can access it and I want to use it solely as a development environment. When I want to work on a project, I want to ssh into that server, mount the servers file system in my local system and continue to use Sublime Text 2. If I’m finished coding I still would push it to another Git server and I would also deploy it to another server.

The main advantage I see in this approach is that I would be able to access my development environment from nearly every computer in the world. Even from an iPad or an iPhone. I probably would still need my notebook for the main development, but then I would at least be able to do a quick bug fix when I don’t have my notebook with me.

We have seen some incredible amazing stuff you can do with JavaScript nowadays, but I don’t believe that a web-based editor can replace a desktop editor any time soon. Please proof me wrong, but I think there are some fundamental flaws in web-based editors. First of all, my screen is not that big, I don’t want to waste space in my editor for browser chrome. I want to have the chrome when I’m browsing, but I don’t need to have when I’m sitting in front of the same window for several hours. The second big problem are shortcuts. If your editor is browser-based you loose a lot of easy to activate shortcuts. You would not be able to press Cmd+S to save the document (if you do not want to override the browser default) or duplicate a line using Cmd+D. I hate it when I’m writing an article in WordPress and want to save it by pressing Cmd+S but that doesn’t work. That would be even worse when I’m writing code. Browsers were made for browsing the web, not for writing long texts or code.

If you should be able to create a web-based editor that is comparable to Sublime Text 2 or TextMate and put it in a custom browser chrome (no waste of screen space, no useless shortcuts) sign me up. I definitely want to see that.

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