Furniture with integrated home entertainment systems from IKEA

Jamie Keene:

Ikea is planning to introduce furniture with built-in home entertainment systems later this year. The range includes three designs, all of which incorporate an LED TV, 2.1 sound system with wireless subwoofers, Wi-Fi for smart TV features, and DVD / Blu-Ray players. The company is planning to launch in Sweden, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and Portugal in the fall, with a worldwide rollout in spring 2013. The furniture is intended to hide away cables, and will come in a number of different color options.

I was just doing an exercise for a course called Foundation of Innovation where I had to model different fictional business models for IKEA in the year 2021 when I read this article.

There is already a video on YouTube introduction IKEA UPPLEVA. Since design has become a lot more important consumer electronics in the last years (thanks Apple) this seems like the next logical step. When I first moved into my room I had a detailed plan how to arrange furniture and where I put my electronics and cables. It was a pain in the ass and every time I buy a new piece of consumer electronics or rearrange my furniture I want to cry. There are so many cables and stuff and they are ugly. For that reason I bought an Apple AirPort express and that improved the situation a lot. I do not longer have to have cables for my stereo and my printer on the desk. They are now hidden behind my desk and currently I’m quite happy. But the situation is far from being perfect.

It definitely would be nice if the furniture would help me in the task of organizing electronic devices and cables. However, I don’t think that I want my home entertainment system integrated in my furniture. Especially I don’t want to replace the furniture when I want to replace my TV or stereo.

This article was sponsored by the society “I want to buy a TV again but I don’t know where to put it and I also don’t have the money”.

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