Digital Art: David Fuhrer

Digital Art: David Fuhrer

Design und Digital Art von David Fuhrer (Behance-Portfolio). via.

3 thoughts on “Digital Art: David Fuhrer

  1. This boy might have some skills, if you refer to kitsch as art. Unfortunately, however, this boy has no behavioral skills whatsoever.

    He heavily insulted me personally on the Behance design network, although I was never in contact with him.

    If it is hip to do this nowadays, then please, let’s not try to be hip or whatever.

    This is just to let you know about this angry kid.

  2. David don’t mind him because I think he is jus jealous of your works You have talent bro and you really do. I have talked to david before and he has a positive atitude and he is a really nice person

    Keep it up DAVID !!!