5 Dinge die Steve Jobs noch machen muss bevor er stirbt

Keine Ahnung ob ihr das mitgekriegt habt, aber Bloomberg hat letzte Woche versehentlich einen Nachruf auf Steve Jobs online gestellt. Es ist in der ganzen Medienbranche üblich Nachrufe schon zu Lebzeiten zu schreiben und am Todestag dann nur noch das Datum und die Todesursache einzutragen und zu veröffentlichen.

Forbes hat das zum Anlass genommen und eine Liste mit 5 Dingen geschrieben die Steve Jobs noch machen muss bevor er stirbt:

  1. A Tablet Computer
    Apple has hinted that the iPod Touch won’t be the only device that will get a version of the iPhone’s touch-sensitive interface. One product long speculated about: a thin, lightweight Web tablet with a touch interface, perfect for browsing the Internet or viewing an episode of Torchwood from Apple’s iTunes store.
  2. A Television
    While Forrester Research trashed the idea in a report published earlier this year, others, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, have suggested Apple will design its own television. The effort could revive the fortunes of Apple TV, a set-top box that transfers content from Apple’s iTunes digital media store onto television screens.
  3. A Remote Control
    For a control freak like Jobs, a remote control might just be impossible to resist. Or so speculate the prognosticators at Forrester Research. Apple is already part-way there. An application created by Apple for the iPhone and iPod Touch already allows users to take control of the media on their computer or their Apple TV using the slim devices. A touch-sensitive remote control would be another step toward placing Apple at the center of the digital living room.
  4. A Digital Book
    Amazon’s Kindle is nice. The slim, white device allows Amazon customers to buy and read books for the online retailer at the touch of a button. And while the device isn’t the next iPod, it’s revived a category of gizmos many had left for dead. But something’s missing–and it’s not just Apple’s unerring design sense. What e-readers lack is a crafty business model, such as Jobs has constructed for putting content on Apple’s iPod digital media players.
  5. The Personal Computer–Again
    Jobs didn’t invent the graphical user interface, or the mouse. But he was the first to put them on a machine with the power–and the simplicity–to appeal to a mass audience. Twenty-four years after the introduction of the Macintosh, however, most of us still type when we want to communicate with our computers. Jobs’ experiments with touch interfaces and fascination with ever larger, thinner displays hint that he may have some thoughts on how to take the way we interact with personal computers in a new direction.

Ich hätte mir da mehr Kreativität erwartet. Und nicht nur eine Liste mit Dingen an denen Apple, zumindest laut Gerüchten, sowieso schon arbeitet.

Forbes: Five Things Steve Jobs Must Do Before He Dies via.

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