This is my blog and I will use it to try things out and improve my skills

Since some time now I wanted to start writing more in English. I like to believe that I’m quite good in reading and understanding English texts. For example, whenever I think about technology and Computer Science related things I already phrase my thoughts in English. Nevertheless, I often encounter situations where I think in German and then need to translate them into English in order to write them down. I want to be able to think and write in English without needing to translate every word and without making too much mistakes. At first I thought about starting a new blog and continue to write Web Adventures in German. I also considered writing all future posts here in English, but for now I will write some future posts in English and some in German. You may don’t like this dual language strategy, but this is my blog and I don’t care.

If you encounter any mistakes in my texts I would appreciate it if you let me know. Either write a comment or send me an email ([email protected]).

2 thoughts on “This is my blog and I will use it to try things out and improve my skills

  1. *too many mistakes
    *You may not like/ Maybe you don’t like
    Bei mir hat’s ja vor Jahren damit angefangen, Serien im Fernsehen im Kopf ins Englische zurück zu übersetzen (“haben die da das Wortspiel versaut?!?”). ^^

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