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An iPhone App Startup Performance Technique →

Brent Simmons on the startup time of Glassboard:

There was no way I could let startup be delayed several seconds — that would have been monstrously bad. So what I did was cache just enough info on disk to be able to rebuild the outline without hitting the database.

Jonathan Daan on the startup time of Version 5 of Facebook for iOS:

Finally, when you start Facebook for iOS, you want to see your news feed, not a loading spinner. To provide the best experience possible, we now show previously-cached content immediately.

I haven’t developed an iPhone app yet, but I find these stories about tuning the performance incredibly interesting. Performance is always a problem, especially if you are working with data on a remote server and Apple should try to help developers by providing easy to use APIs.

Apples approach to tackle this problem, at least in OS X Safari, is to display a screenshot of the page while it renders the DOM. Try using the back and forward button in Safari and you will notice that the text shows some JPEG artefacts.

Stylesheet Download Tests →

Scott Jehl:

The point of this page is to test whether today’s browsers will download stylesheets that are referenced with media queries that would not apply on that browser or device.

With these tests in mind it is currently the best solution to put all your media queries in a single file. Since browsers would download the files anyway it only produces HTTP overhead to include multiple stylesheets for different browsers or devices in a HTML page.