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I’m still playing

Marcel Wichmann:

It seems like playing is over and life begins and it feels good. Somehow it’s like I’ve done everything in the last years to get where I’m now. And where I am is not even somewhere. It could just be the starting point of something much bigger.

First of all congratulations to Marcel and his team, they have come a long way and have done a hell of a job in the last 1.5 years. QUOTE.fm is a great web service and their upcoming iPad app makes it even better.

I’m still playing, but recently I stepped up my game and I am working really hard to make Tvst (a TV show tracker) reality. I don’t know if it will be as successful as Quote.fm, but that doesn’t matter since I am still playing. However, I need get a something out that is more than a weekend project.

I realised that there is a huge difference between a project I create on a single weekend and a project I work on for weeks or months. Some features require a week or two of work and they need to be carefully designed and tested. Since I am constrained in time and money I need to decide which features are worth building and which ideas and features should be put in the trash or at least put on hold.

Real artists ship

Before I can become an artist and ship, I need to have something that I can ship. I am not talking about a polished product, I am talking about rough prototype. Tvst is currently not more than a framework, a collection of tools to import data. What I need to do in the next few weeks is to build a graphical interface, fix bugs and ship it.

In the past I often had built staff, but I never really committed to them and I therefore never shipped them. I am committed to Tvst and I will ship it. I promise.


Tvst Preview

Currently I have a lot to do, however I try to invest as much time as possible in my new side project: Tvst. This is just a small preview. Stay tuned.