Web Adventures v6.0

Finally. After years of development version 6.0 of Web Adventures is online. I hope you like it and I am looking forward to hear your feedback.

This layout does not only look much better than the previous one, it is also fully responsive and should work on nearly every device. It is also more flexible in the sense that it now supports different post formats. For example, I am now able to write Daring Fireball styled Linked List posts. However, there are still quite a few bugs. I hope that I am able to fix them in the next few days.

List of known bugs

  • Existing articles may are broken. This is true especially on mobile devices.
  • The layout is untested in Firefox and Internet Explorer. I will try to fix it in those browsers as soon as possible. The layout works great in Firefox 12.
  • Lists (like this one) are missing correct margins and line-height. Fixed April 29 23:14
  • Styles for code sections are missing.
  • Embedded Tweets are not correctly styled.
  • Retina graphics (logo) are missing.
  • iOS Change orientation zoom bug.
  • Styles for Subscribe To Comments are missing. Fixed May 3.
  • Link to RSS feed is missing.
  • Apple Touch Icons looks ugly.
  • Meta Data in Image posts are wrongly formatted. Fixed May 6.

If you find additional bugs please let me now. I will update this list if I discover new bugs or fix them.

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