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Why Software Is Eating The World →

Marc Andreessen:

Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming. This includes even industries that are software-based today. Great incumbent software companies like Oracle and Microsoft are increasingly threatened with irrelevance by new software offerings like Salesforce.com and Android (especially in a world where Google owns a major handset maker).

Reading this made me even more angry that the Vienna University of Vienna (where I study) started limiting the number of Computer Science students starting with this semester. Bullshit like this will give Vienna and Austria a mayor disadvantage in the future.


Miro 1.0 released

Miro (ehemals Democracy) v1 .0 released. via.

Norton AntiPerformance

Norton AntiPerformance

Wie wahr.



Magnetosphere – ein ziemlicher cooler iTunes-Visualizer. via.

Gratis DivX Pro

Wer schnell ist kann sich eine gratis Lizenz für DivX Pro sichern. via.