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Bon Iver (Live at Arena on August 1 2012)

Bon Iver (Live at Arena on August 1 2012) Photo 1

Bon Iver (Live at Arena on August 1 2012) Photo 2

Bon Iver (Live at Arena on August 1 2012) Photo 3

Bon Iver (Live at Arena on August 1 2012) Photo 4

Bon Iver (Live at Arena on August 1 2012) Photo 5

Bon Iver (Live at Arena on August 1 2012) Photo 6

That was a great concert.

Video Games by Boy George (Lana Del Rey cover) →

This cover of Lana Del Reys Video Games by Boy George is incredible beautiful.

Damien Rice Live at WUK, Vienna (11th of July 2012)


High Summer by jj

High Summer by jj

High Summer is the new EP from jj. You can download it for free.

The Mynabirds – Generals

Laura Burhenn from The Mynabirds.

Last week The Mynabirds released their new album Generals. I think I mentioned it already several times on this blog, but I am not really good at writing reviews. Therefore I will not review Generals and only recommend it to you.

Generals Music Video

Generals on Spotify


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Dillon (Live at Pratersauna, Wien, May 18th, 2012)

Dillon (Live at Pratersauna May 18 2012) 1/7
Dillon (Live at Pratersauna May 18 2012) 2/7
Dillon (Live at Pratersauna May 18 2012) 3/7
Dillon (Live at Pratersauna May 18 2012) 4/7
Dillon (Live at Pratersauna May 18 2012) 5/7
Dillon (Live at Pratersauna May 18 2012) 6/7
Dillon (Live at Pratersauna May 18 2012) 7/7

Lisa Hannigan Live at Chaya Fuera (May 6th, 2012)

Lisa Hannigan Live in Vienna

Lisa Hannigan sings beautiful, is cute, funny, charming, nice (something you don’t often say about a musician) and she air-fistbumped her band members. The concert was nearly perfect and after the show she took the time to write autographs, talk with people and pose for photos. If she does come back to Vienna, I will definitely go and see her again.

Lisa Hannigan Live in Vienna 2/5

Lisa Hannigan Live in Vienna 3/5

Lisa Hannigan Live in Vienna 4/5

Lisa Hannigan Live in Vienna 5/5

Cheers Lisa

Thank you Lisa.

Poolinale 2012: 8 Music Films in 5 Days

I spent the last four evenings and this afternoon in movie theaters watching music films of the (I think) first and (I think) only music film festival in Austria called Poolinale. Altough I really suck at writing reviews I will now try to review all eight of these movies. Because that’s how you learn stuff.

Eine Möglichkeit zu Leben √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú Das Nowhere Train Tagebuch (2012)

The festival started with an Austrian music road movie. Five musicians from different bands, two filmmakers and one author travelled through Austria by train and played a concert at each stop. However, they didn’t perform much at concert halls or clubs but more often at farms, communes and train stations. And in the church of a prison. Most of the time they would exchange music for a bed and food. If you ever have the chance to see this film I can highly recommend it. The music is really good and the movie is very funny.

Prometheus, Run (2012)

Likewise, another Austrian band, which will release their first album later this year, also toured through Austria and played in the living rooms of their friends and fans. This 15 minute short film was ok, but nothing special. However, I really like the music of Likewise.

The Swell Season (2011)

In 2008 Clen Hansard and Markéta Irglov√ɬ° won the Oscar for Best Original Song for Falling Slowly. They formed the band The Swell Season and became a couple. The movie documents the fall of their relationship. Some scenes in this movie were a little bit too long and boring but in general it was a really personal and sad movie with great music.

Get Along (2011)

Immediately after watching The Swell Season we saw Get Along. The movie is actually divided up into three short films about Tegan and Sara. The first film “States” is about the start of their career, “India” shows Tegan and Sara touring through India and the last film “For The Most Part” shows an intimate concert of Tegan and Sara in Vancouver. Although there was no real story I enjoyed watching it since Tegan and Sara are two really fun and cute persons.

Curated by 4AD: Sessions

This was the most disappointing film of the festival. It was actually not a real film but rather a collection of live sessions of musicians of the label 4AD. One problem was that it was too long (nearly two hours) and that some of the artists selected were, let’s put it that way, strange. After an hour and a little bit I left the theater during the second performance of the band Gang Gang Dance.

Grandma Lo-Fi (2011)

Sigrídur Níelsdóttir started recording albums at the age of 70. When she stopped recoding seven years later she had recorded 59 albums and became a cult figure in the Icelandic music scene. I was really surprised by this movie because it is really funny and interesting.
Link: Grandma Lo-Fi

INNI (2011)

Some of you now maybe will hate me but I don’t really like Sigur R√ɬ≥s. Although the filming was really impressive I got really tired and bored and I was glad when it finished after 74 minutes. Or maybe it was not the films fault but mine since I was already tired before the movie started and because it was shown at 10pm.

George Harrison: Living in the Material World (2011)

Martin Scorsese 209 minute long documentation of George Harrisons life was the last film of the Poolinale. It aired today in the afternoon with a 20 minute break in between (which was absolutely necessary). I learned a lot about The Beatles in general and about George Harrison. For example, I had not known that George was a friend of Monty Python and that he had financed Life of Brian. I also learned a lot of other stuff since I had never read much about the history of the The Beatles before. Great movie and highly recommendable if you are interested in The Beatles or George Harrison.

Is Spotify fair?

Ever since Spotify started there is a lot of discussion wether it is fair or not. I just found an article (German), that claims Spotify pays 0,41 cents per streamed song to the music industry. According to my last.fm profile I have listened to 218,380 songs since March 18 2006. If I would have listened to all these songs in the last six years on Spotify, Spotify would have paid 895.36 Euros to the music industry. That would be approximately 12 Euros per month.

At first sight this number seems quite low, but when we talk about All You Can Listen services we can not compare it with the number I would have spent if I had bought all the records I listened to in the last years, but rather how much I actually spent on buying music records. (How much money did the restaurant industry loose because we cook at home most of the time?) If I quickly look at my CD and record collection, I think that I probably spent 20 Euros per month on buying music. Of course, in some month I spent 100 and then there were times where I didn’t buy a record for six months. I think it is safe to assume that I spend a little less on buying records since I started subscribing to Spotify. In the firsts three month of 2012 I spent about 25 Euros on music. When I add the Spotify subscription fee 10 Euros/month that would be about 20 Euros per month.

You maybe think 20 Euros per month for music is low, however you should consider that for the most of the last six years I was a student. If you add budgets for concerts, apps, cloth, books and movies you quickly reach the amount I can spend per month on fun stuff. Sure, I could cut back on beer and cigarettes, but, …. Nevermind.

Playlist: The City Needs Me

The City Needs Me Cover

Ich wurde in der Stadt geboren. Jetzt lebe ich in einer größeren Stadt. Ich mag die Stadt. Und die Stadt mag mich.

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