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Browse is not the button your are searching for if you want to add stuff


Views.fm is a site which allows you to share stuff from your Dropbox. I believe that the USP (Unique Selling Point) is that it offers a web views for shared files. Although I do not see an immediate need for such a tool I wanted to try it out by creating a private view. If you look at the screenshot above the big question is: How can I create a new view?

Look at the screenshot. How the fuck can I create a new view?

Solution: The button you are searching for is the link labeled Browse in the top navigation. Seriously?

Pro-Tip: If you found a startup or create a project or some other website make it easy for your users to use your service by labeling stuff accordingly.

Ist das Album jetzt auf meinem iPhone?

Anzeige ob ein Album auf dem iPhone oder dem iPad ist

Apple sollte in iTunes etwas einbauen, dass anzeigt ob ein Album auf meinem iPhone und/oder meinem iPad gespeichert ist oder nicht. So ähnlich wie in meinem kleinen Mockup da oben. Nur besser.