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The Pirate Cloud →

Winston Brahma:

So, first we ditched the trackers.

Then we got rid of the torrents.

Now? Now we’ve gotten rid of the servers. Slowly and steadily we are getting rid of our earthly form and ascending into the next stage, the cloud.

I forget to post that one. The Pirate Bay is now hosted on cloud services, that is, there is no longer a single physical location that can be raided by the police.


Mosaic is a photo book that you can design and order on your iPhone. The result looks great and I hope that they will ship to Austria.

Alone Together, Again →

Alex Payne:

I am grateful that I live in this time. For all the loose threads in my life, I don’t feel trapped. Technology allows me to make choices that can shape and reshape my world. I don’t yet know what I will do, where I will live, or who I will love. For each of those decisions, though, there are tools, and the tools present options.

The Magazine is a new magazine published by Marco Arment. Its €1,59/month and is published every two weeks. You can get The Magazine in the iOS App Store.

Mapping The Entertainment Ecosystems of Apple, Microsoft, Google & Amazon →

Mapping The Entertainment Ecosystems of Apple, Microsoft, Google & Amazon

Graham Spencer:

I’ve collected data on which countries each service is available in and then added in population figures to create many of the graphs and diagrams you’ll see below, mixed in with some of my own analysis and thoughts.

Why Software Is Eating The World →

Marc Andreessen:

Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming. This includes even industries that are software-based today. Great incumbent software companies like Oracle and Microsoft are increasingly threatened with irrelevance by new software offerings like and Android (especially in a world where Google owns a major handset maker).

Reading this made me even more angry that the Vienna University of Vienna (where I study) started limiting the number of Computer Science students starting with this semester. Bullshit like this will give Vienna and Austria a mayor disadvantage in the future.

The History of Scrollbars

The History of Scrollbars

World Battleground, 1000 years of war in 5 minutes

This video is a visualisation of the Wikipedia article List of Battles and it shows all battles of the last 1000 years in a little bit under 5 minutes. (via Kottke)

My Product Feedback →

MG Siegler:

The PC is over. It will linger, but increasingly as a relic.

If you are building an application create the mobile version first.

iPhone 5 and iOS 6 for HTML5 developers →

Max Firtman:

Safari on iOS 6 is a big step for HTML5 developers; debugging tools, new APIs, better JavaScript performance. However, I must say that Apple is still forgetting about documentation updates and properly communication with web developers. There are almost no answers on the discussion forum, no updates on the Safari documentation (some docs are really too old right now).

I believe Apple must do a better job supporting web developers.

This is not only Apple, just try to get support if you are developing something with a Google API. The documentation is often a pain in the ass and it can take a week until they answer questions in the forums.

If you want developers to use your tools, libraries, APIs or platform you should make great documentation and provide good and fast support. Especially if you have a pile of cash in the bank.

Introducing the Command Bar →

Steve Smith:

At GitHub, we use the command line every day. From git commands to script/server, we love the power it offers. This got us thinking, “why can’t we do that with”

You can use the Command Bar to follow people, browse repositories and issues and much more. Great feature.