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Contributing Guidelines →

Kevin R. Barnes:

We’ve tried making this easy for everyone. As a maintainer, all you have to do is add a CONTRIBUTING file (or if you’re using Markdown) to the root of your repository. Then we will add a link to your file when a contributor creates an Issue or opens a Pull Request.

I like GitHub (both as a product and as a company) because they continue to incorporate conventions established by users into their product. Kinda the opposite of Twitter.

An iPhone App Startup Performance Technique →

Brent Simmons on the startup time of Glassboard:

There was no way I could let startup be delayed several seconds — that would have been monstrously bad. So what I did was cache just enough info on disk to be able to rebuild the outline without hitting the database.

Jonathan Daan on the startup time of Version 5 of Facebook for iOS:

Finally, when you start Facebook for iOS, you want to see your news feed, not a loading spinner. To provide the best experience possible, we now show previously-cached content immediately.

I haven’t developed an iPhone app yet, but I find these stories about tuning the performance incredibly interesting. Performance is always a problem, especially if you are working with data on a remote server and Apple should try to help developers by providing easy to use APIs.

Apples approach to tackle this problem, at least in OS X Safari, is to display a screenshot of the page while it renders the DOM. Try using the back and forward button in Safari and you will notice that the text shows some JPEG artefacts.

I’m still playing

Marcel Wichmann:

It seems like playing is over and life begins and it feels good. Somehow it’s like I’ve done everything in the last years to get where I’m now. And where I am is not even somewhere. It could just be the starting point of something much bigger.

First of all congratulations to Marcel and his team, they have come a long way and have done a hell of a job in the last 1.5 years. is a great web service and their upcoming iPad app makes it even better.

I’m still playing, but recently I stepped up my game and I am working really hard to make Tvst (a TV show tracker) reality. I don’t know if it will be as successful as, but that doesn’t matter since I am still playing. However, I need get a something out that is more than a weekend project.

I realised that there is a huge difference between a project I create on a single weekend and a project I work on for weeks or months. Some features require a week or two of work and they need to be carefully designed and tested. Since I am constrained in time and money I need to decide which features are worth building and which ideas and features should be put in the trash or at least put on hold.

Real artists ship

Before I can become an artist and ship, I need to have something that I can ship. I am not talking about a polished product, I am talking about rough prototype. Tvst is currently not more than a framework, a collection of tools to import data. What I need to do in the next few weeks is to build a graphical interface, fix bugs and ship it.

In the past I often had built staff, but I never really committed to them and I therefore never shipped them. I am committed to Tvst and I will ship it. I promise.

Google Fiber →

Milo Medin:

It’s easy to forget how revolutionary high-speed Internet access was in the 1990s. Not only did broadband kill the screeching sound of dial-up, it also spurred innovation, helping to create amazing new services as well as new job opportunities for many thousands of Americans. But today the Internet is not as fast as it should be. While high speed technology exists, the average Internet speed in the U.S. is still only 5.8 megabits per second (Mbps)√¢‚Ǩ‚Äùslightly faster than the maximum speed available 16 years ago when residential broadband was first introduced. Access speeds have simply not kept pace with the phenomenal increases in computing power and storage capacity that’s spurred innovation over the last decade, and that’s a challenge we’re excited to work on.

Google is going to offer Gigabit Internet in Kansas City, Kan and Kansas City, Mo. When I tell people I have a 100 Mbps connection they often ask me if I need that much. Google will offer a connection ten times faster for about the same price. And yes, of course, I need Gigabit Internet.

Please Google, please bring this to Austria as soon as possible.

Why Apple is the Best Choice

Why Apple is the Best Choice

Amazing Apple propaganda from 1997.

The complexity of the smaller

Adam Smith, Knifemaker:

A sunflower seed and a solar system are the same thing; they both are whole systems. I find it easier to pay attention to the complexities of the smaller than to pay attention to the complexities of the larger. That, as much as anything, is why I’m a craftsman. It’s a small discipline, but you can put an awful lot into it.

I’m currently reading The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero and he forwarded the second chapter with this quote. I love it.

Tomorrow morning I am going to Berlin.


This is a test if publishing with WordPress for iOS works.

Where has all the money in the world gone? →


Now, what happens if another wildfire hits your orchard? Those twelve loddars are destroyed, they are gone, the shoe-maker is twelve loddars poorer, without spending it and without anyone else getting twelve loddars richer.
The money that bought your deer and my shoes has simply vanished from the economy, as though it never existed, despite the fact that it bought stuff with genuine economic utility and value.

Reddit user otherwiseyep explains in great details and easy to understand how the monetary and financial system works.

The Dirty Tricks of Food Photographers →

Haje Jan Kamps:

Food is among the more difficult of subjects for photographers. The laws of nature guarantee it: Hot foods cool, moist foods dry out, frozen foods melt especially fast under hot lights, vegetables wilt, and fruit turns brown. But determined food photographers rise to these challenges with their extraordinarily inventive bag of tricks.

And yes, that includes motor oil, spray deodorant and and brown shoe polish…

In addition to the burger photography video from McDonalds (via Christoph Boecken).

Why do burgers in an ad look different than in the restaurant?

Interesting look behind the scenes of a McDonalds photo shoot.